Accessible Adventures for people with disabilities

Creating ability is what we're about.

Wilderness Canoe Trust provide challenging adventures yet designed for success and fun. We can cater for a variety of needs and group sizes.

For example we have sighted volunteers that can be brought in to assist the visually impaired. We have the latest seats for wheel chair users specifically for open Canoes.

Newly designed and made in North America, Chosen Valley adaptive paddling seats make paddling accessible to all.

We have special Canoe outriggers to increase stability when necessary.

We have a physiotherapist available and are experienced with transferring / lifting.

With a van and trailer we can come to you and your nearest suitable location, reducing your travel, maximising time on the water and making the experience simpler.
See About us / Safety for more information on our robust safety management plan.

Please get in touch to discuss your needs and how we can get you hooked on canoeing! Contact us here.

Accessible Adventures for people with disabilities

Adventure Mark Safety Audit Certified